Information for Attendees 2021

We’re looking forward to getting together online for our 2021 Pacific Northwest Flute Gathering (a.k.a. Vashon Island Flute Gathering).

This page answers most of the questions that you will have before and during the event. This page will be updated throughout the event with important information and links.

What information do I need to know right now?

How do I find the Zoom links for the event sessions?

Meeting IDs and information to connect in will be sent in email during of the week just before our gathering. We will be sending to the email address that you used to register for the event. Be sure to check email often. Also watch in case your mail server files any announcements under bulk, junk, spam or marketing email. Email will come from the domains and as well as the email address

How will I get announcements and schedule updates during the event?

There will be announcements in the morning warm up sessions. However, keep an eye on your email throughout the event. Updates, changes, and communication in case of technical problems will be sent through email. Be sure to check in your spam, junk mail, marketing, etc. as sometimes announcement email lands there.

Will there be class materials and handouts?

Yes. In the days leading up to the event, handouts will be through a link near the top of this file. There may be some last minute handouts that become available after the event has started. Instructors will make arrangements to get those last minute materials to you.

How is a group music class conducted through Zoom? What should I expect?

In teleconferencing software, only one person can be heard at a time. That plus latency prevents us from being able to play together. During much of a session, everyone will be muted except for the instructor or a single presenter. During a session the instructor will welcome students opportunities to play in the class and also periods for questions and answers.

An advantage to this platform for music classes: Since everyone is muted, there is the opportunity for you to play along with the instructor and try out skills and techniques throughout the entire session.

The dynamics of an online session are different than an in-person classroom since we don’t have the same visual cues or body language. During our opening session, we will go through aspects of class “etiquette” that help the sessions run smoothly.

I heard there are settings in Zoom for playing music. What are they?

Yes. The “Original Sound” settings in Zoom are required to that others can hear you when you play for a class or one of the open sessions or the Attendees’ Performances session.

We will also cover this topic at our Zoom tutorial session prior to the event and at our opening circle.

Do I need to sign up to play on the Attendees’ Performances session?

Although it will look a bit different on Zoom, this is the equivalent of our in-person Participant’s Concert. You will need to sign up to play in this evening session. Instructions on how to sign up will be given throughout the weekend.

Note that each performance is limited to 3 minutes, which includes both talking and playing time. An order of performance will be sent out during the day prior to the Attendees’ Performance session.

Where is the schedule of classes?

Right here: Event schedule

What key flute do I need?

Some of the classes have suggested keys listed in the event schedule. Since your microphone will be muted most of the time, you can play in any key you like. It’s just that your pitch won’t match the pitch of the instructor if you’re using a different key than what is suggested.

What timezone are we in?

The schedule is in Pacific Daylight Time. Make sure you know the time conversion for where ever you are located. (tip: Googling “What time is it in Seattle now?” may be helpful)

Something else came up and I can’t make it for the online event. Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for online workshops. This includes missed classes, bad network connections, etc. Refunds can be issued only in the case that the entire multi-day event is canceled.