2021 Leadership team

Our gathering is lead by some of the finest teachers, performers and recording artists in the US. Their collaborative approach makes for a very dynamic and student-focused learning experience. In addition to the scheduled classes and concerts, each of the leaders is available for private lessons during the weekend retreat.

Cornell Kinderknecht, World Flutes Pamela Mortensen Joseph L. Young Timothy J.P. Gomez

Cornell Kinderknecht

Cornell Kinderknecht, World FlutesDirector, instructor and performer. Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-winning recording artist and performer on flutes and other wind instruments from around the world, including Native American flute, Bansuri flute, ocarina, recorder and bamboo flutes. As a lifelong musician, his musical style draws from his experience in the areas of world, Classical, pop and folk music. His work has garnered recognition world-wide and he and his music have graced the stage of the prestigious Carnegie Hall. His passion of combining creativity and intuition with fluid musical technique, results in an expressive style that exhibits ease and grace. He inspires players at any level to explore their musical voice and to have music as a lifelong, natural creative outlet. Cornell’s light-hearted teaching approach puts students at ease. Visit his website www.cornellk.com

Pamela Mortensen

Pamela Mortensen Didgeridoo artist and multi-instrumentalist, Pamela Mortensen has had a long and colorful career as a versatile musician, performer, recording artist and composer. Since 2005, she has shared her music and passion for didgeridoo through live performances all over the Western U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as through recordings and online performances. She has also inspired many students and players through her practice of didgeridoo as an artist who is deeply rooted within the natural world. Among the subjects and instruments she teaches are didgeridoo, keyboard, singing, Native American style flute and composition but her main focus is to put students at ease while learning the art and practice of playing their instrument while finding their own voice. Pam shares her knowledge and passion with all skill levels through workshops, group classes, and private lessons with a balance that is equally informative and fun. Find her website at: www.pamelamortensen.net

Joseph L. Young

Joseph L. YoungInstructor and performer. Joseph L. Young is an accomplished composer and recording artist, a dynamic improvisational musician and lifelong performer, an instructor of Native American and world flutes and a professional sound engineer.  Bringing his broad musical perspective into the classroom, Joe has a passion for inspiring creativity in his students by expanding their musical boundaries and building confidence through encouraging experimentation.  He shares his expertise through private lessons and group instruction at flute schools across the country.  With subjects ranging from beginning to advanced flute, embellishment, musical communication, stage craft, showmanship and inspiration, students of all abilities find Joe to be a patient, gracious, motivating and knowledgeable teacher. We are pleased to have Joe on our leadership team, as he shares with us his creative way of embracing the sounds and beauty of the Native American flute.  You can learn more about Joe and his music at www.josephlyoung.com

Timothy J.P. Gomez

Timothy J.P. GomezTimothy J.P. Gomez is an award-winning composer and performer who fuses world music on the Native American-style flute with concepts of Musical Romanticism to create an intense, expressive style that resonates deep within the human spirit. His technical skills bring a gracefulness and clarity to his compositions and set him apart as one of the great up-and-coming artists in the industry. Currently, Timothy performs at festivals and events throughout the USA. He also holds workshops and offers private lessons, where he has been privileged to assist many flute players on their musical pursuits. Learn more about Timothy J.P. Gomez at: www.timothyjpgomez.com